Thursday, 24 February 2011

Delightful & Delicious

I want to introduce you to Debbie - she is an extremely talented lady, who has, in a very short space of time managed to show off her talents and determination to succeed in passion to create and design. It's in her blood - she comes from a family who are pretty good at patching things together, cutting and pasting, baking and crafting to result in something that delights the onlooker.

Her website reads:

A thirty something self taught baker who has a creative flair and ambitious mind.
With a love of all things sweet and pretty, not to mention all that glitters, I have created a selection of cupcakes that I know I would like to eat and possibly share with family and friends.

I believe using local, good quality ingredients, and baking each batch by hand gives each cupcake the delightful and delicious quality you deserve.

Take a look at her website on facebook:

I'm tying to convince her she should be blogging and tweeting in the networking world of Twitter - leave comments and see if you can persuade her to make the move.

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