Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The Study Trap (and how House of Lynne got it's name)

I've been up 3 hours, 2 kids down (at school) and 1 been up a short time very much late for nursery, breakfast and getting dressed in progress and I haven't even managed a cup of tea or a bowl of cereal yet!

But I do have to confess I have managed to send an email to the Guides Leader, thanking her for re-sending the kist list for the London trip that I lost (in the Study Trap) and to ask for details of the Centenary Party at the Town Hall tomorrow to be re-sent also.

The Study Trap - well let's just say we recently decorated and there are consequences, trade offs, whatever you want to call them and below is the exact carbon copy of the email sent and how 'House of Lynne' (not Linn) came about.  After this I'll fill it with daily blog and the chaos that makes this house 'home' ..........

Hi Sharon

Cheers for the kit lists

Does Helen need her invite to go to Centenary Party at Town Hall? I know it's tomorrow night and where - can't remember time and not sure if uniform or party gear (guessing it's the latter). Please advise :o)))))

I feel very guilty (I do) that anything that was in Rob's path ended up in piles in the study. Then he has stacked a tonne of audio equipment in front of the door.  It's like a death trap in there.  All will be put in it's place shortly - unfortunately, this mean when Rob has time or when 'he needs it', mmmh!  In the meantime, there are lots of important things counting down toward: like the party tomorrrow, London, Washington DC and if I wasn't pulling my hair out with the day to day things in our lovely children's (cough) lives, note - the important things in my own life pale into insignificance, then I might find the time to go in there (mission impossible) and sort it all myself.

Now you think I'm kidding right - see the attached pic and note: to the right is a 20kg table (for taking a plasma screen) up on its side, to the left is a ridiculously expensive audio storage rack (the likes of which I daren't move) and on the floor in front is a mish mash of wires, cable, cd's, some important audio stuff (Rob's words not mine) and there in the distance, piled on the chair, which before dumping the previously mentioned stuff was carefully balanced to the point of 'dare you to take anything out of it', is a stack of paperwork n stuff (some of which I need like tomorrow).

The Study Trap

So even if I did manage to become an expert at Twister and could make my way on tippy toe through the mess, I would be taking my life in my hands for it not to all topple and be lost in the abyss of 'the study trap'.

Why is he doing this?  It has taken 5 years for paint to be brought into the lounge, 2 years ago he made a bloody big hole 4 inches wide up my wall to accomodate a new hd telly, 1 year ago after nagging him to fill the hole for 12 months - I filled it myself, another year on I sanded the plaster down because got scik of asking for this too and.......

Just lately he has discovered (another) new concept in audio!  I must mention at this point that I have seen no less than 10 sets of speakers in the 5 years I have known Rob and about as many cd players, amplifiers, phono systems, just 4 turntables and 5 hifi racks -  all of which you could not find in Curry's, Comet or any music shop you and I would normally visit.

This new concept involves downloading all of his 1000+ cd's and accessing them on a DS (not Nintendo) system that makes iPod look like a ZX81 (if you can remember them, lol) and de-clutters the shelves of my study and 2 units in the lounge AND means that when I need to play a cd, I don't have to ring him up and ask where it is (there are that many in various places) ALL at no further cost to us as he has been selling existing stuff to cover it ........

So I bought into this concept, naturally!  But (and its a big but). So .... BUT

He had to get the lounge to a standard Mummy here was prepared to accept before letting 2 blokes from a big posh house that they demonstrate the system in, to come and ransack the place and assess and fit the said system. Which comes from and I think this bit is aptly named 'the House of Linn' lol

So Halleluiah, the lounge is done! OMG the study is in limbo, til the rest of the stuff (which I'm told is sold) is collected.

"Dear God, please make my life simple today, luv n kisses, Lynne :o)"

It'll all come right in the wash. Hope your days are a little more simple than mine.

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  1. The study is cleared, the odds and ends (previous audio stuff) has gone! The nice men from H of L can come :o)