Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Celebrating Friendship

This is a picture of my daughter H'boo and her friends from Primary School. As she would not be there for the final week of her Primary School life, I let her have a bit of a party with friends. They got to eat what they wanted- so burgers, chips and cakes (decorated by themselves!!!).

I think of it as a celebration because good friends are worth celebrating and this collection of 6 girls (+ one more, as one is already on holiday) managed to 'stay' friends and were a regular part of celebrations and sleep-overs at my house. The latter part of the Primary years is an important part of their lives - we have already had blogs about 'party upsets' recently, which is something that they go through in the transition to this period. But, it is the latter Primary years that they seem to be sure of who their friends are and feel comfortable with themselves and the company they keep.

The day was an important one to mark, as after this day, four of the entire seven (and of the six shown here) were not going to H'Boo's chosen school and so I thought it important they had one last Primary celebration, to show their loyalty to each other. One of the girls in the pic has moved on to High School with her and also goes to Guides with her, another two just go to Guides. The girl on holiday and so obviously not in the pic' has moved onto the same high school also.  And now they are 5!

High School comes with a new set of 'settling in' and finding your feet social rules and so the party/sleepover debates start again!!!!!  I love this pic' because it shows that for at least a brief time in their young lives, they know their place and like it (no pressures, no social worries, no-one to impress or level up to). This is what children's lives should have more of these days - I wish they could stay 'this young' for longer than the world demands they 'measure up' to.

Silent Sunday


  1. I have all this to look forward to. A lovley picture and a greta memory. Mich x

  2. Great picture and a great reason for a celebration!