Sunday, 5 December 2010

Going for Gold

My 11 year old (H'Boo) took up karate earlier this year with GKR (a club HonieMummy's Pop used to be a Sensei with). She attends classes with her Dad every Wednesday and has enjoyed it ever since she started. It has raised her self-esteem, confidence and I'm glad to say, has calmed her down (a bit) - after all pre-teen tantrums take a lot of calming, right!

She attented her grading a couple of months ago and this is her receiving her orange belt.

Just prior to this she attended the Regional Finals and attempted Saifa (a green belt kata 3 grades above her as a yellow belt) - she came away with the GOLD medal and it gave her the confidence to enter the National Finals.

And so the day of the National came, I couldn't be there as Sheffield was a long shot at 6am with the other kids, so her Dad took her and he entered also.

Shortly after lunch my phone rings and I see it's her. I thought this was my chance to once again wish her luck now that she was there and settled.

"I did it Mum - I'm a UK Champion now" came the response to my answering the phone.

"I got the GOLD"

'Proud' does not go even half way to describe how I felt and still feel. HonieMummy was overwhelmed and the wet stuff visible.
So what;s next - Black belt kata?  Who knows?  But HonieMummy is proud whatever her H'Boo does :o)

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